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Rubber Rolls

Rubber is one of the material which is natural anti-skid in nature.  Hence we can use Rubber Rolls for runner, in gyms, outdoor flooring, indoor flooring, garages, corridors, industrial purposes and residential applications too. Rubber mats   provides more slip resistance surface. Rolls are best option to provide floor protection. Rubber flooring is also provide high traction.

Shree Ram Rubber Flooring is one of the best rubber rolls manufacture in Delhi and exporter of rubber tiles and rolls in India and others countries with best prices. Shree Ram Rubber Flooring provide rolls with various color and thickness.

Why should choose rolls:

    • Rubber rolls are best for heavy activities like in gyms and durability of rolls is more than rubber tiles.

    • Size of rolls is 1m x 10 m hence covered large area with couple of rolls.

    • Rolls installation is very easier and can be remove if not in used.

    • Appearance is very good due to seamless as compared to tiles joint.

    •  Rubber rolls are easy to maintain and high water resistance than rubber tiles.

    • Rubber flooring rolls is safe and  best for heavy traffic 

    • “Double up” the rubber rolls for extra protection in drop zones.

    • As compared to tiles, rolls is less waste.

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