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Rubber Tile

Rubber Tiles has several benefits that make our home gym or commercial gym safer and beautiful .Shree Ram Rubber Flooring has wide range of rubber tiles for gym flooring. It is also available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Now a day’s rubber flooring is very common flooring option for home gym and commercial gym flooring.

Rubber flooring is best option for gym floor due to its sturdiness and very high durability option for gym purpose. We have wide variety in quality of flooring like classic tiles, supper rubber tiles, premium rubber tiles and high density rubber tiles. In High density quality we provide thickness of tiles 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm thickness .Rubber tiles are ideal for outdoor playground area, home gym or commercial gym, rec rooms, basement and lau

Rubber flooring is highly known for its sturdiness and durability. Rubber flooring, like other sturdy materials like vinyl and linoleum, offers a long-lasting, easy-to-clean surface that is ideal for high-traffic areas like gyms, basements, rec rooms, playrooms, laundry rooms, and utility areas.

At Shree Ram Rubber Flooring, we highly think that flooring with rubber tiles does not only add flair, looks and character to your place but also makes it long-lasting. And the bonus is you get all this at a fraction of price. But we are not here to bias your views and decisions, so here are some pros and cons that you might want to consider.


Rubber flooring is the easiest to maintain. All you need to clean a rubber tiled floor is a damp mop. If you are going to use a cleaning product, make sure to consult with the manufacturer first because harsh detergents can harm certain types of flooring. Natural rubber tiled flooring is more stain-resistant than synthetic rubber flooring. Some rubber tiles can be polished with a water-soluble wax to make them more resistant to damage and discoloration, but the wax must be removed and reapplied on a regular basis.


Rubber tiles are one of the most straightforward when it comes to flooring options. Some rubber tiles have interlocking edges, while others have an edge pin mechanism to keep the tiles together. A sharp knife is all you need to quickly cut them out. Rubber tiles can also be installed with glue, but these are less common and are not recommended due to long-term instability issues.


Depending on your taste, the appearance of rubber flooring can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Rubber tile flooring options used to be limited to polished black or slate grey, but now you can choose from a wide range of colours and textures, including coin, leaf, and diamond-plate textures. Some of them even look like a wood or ceramic tile. Rubber tile flooring, despite advances, also lacks a variety of colours and textures just like vinyl, linoleum and “wood-look” materials.

We at Shree Ram Rubber Flooring are dedicated to build high quality, durable and resilient rubber tilesRubber tiles that you can depend on. We are very proud to state that our rubber tile products have near zero disadvantages. All our products are backed up with decades of research, which is a solid testimony to our popularity in the market. Not only our products give you the utmost comfort and satisfaction, but our team is extremely familiar with the consumer’s taste and needs. We have an extensive choice when it comes to color and design of our rubber tiles. We even offer a ‘make your own pattern’ approach in which our customers can order custom designed tiles which will be specially made for them. We hope this article has shed some light and has made you realize the reasons why you should swap to rubber floorings, Step into Change: Step into Shree Ram Rubber Flooring

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